How To Stay Fit and Healthy During Uni.


It’s that time of year when we all head back to Uni (in Australia) and get a step closer to getting a degree. But for a lot of people, heading back to the books means heading back to eating takeout and halting working out because our lives become ‘too busy’. Well, fear not because I have put together five of my personal tried and true tips and tricks to help you stay on track and ace your finals and fitness goals this year.

#1- Start Your Day With Exercise

Now trying to juggle work, university and a social life is hard enough, which is why having to add in regular exercise is too hard for some, me included. Going to bed late and having to wake up early while being constantly tired is something all students deal with, and eliminating factors that make our days longer is ideal. But, exercise is an extremely important part of keeping yourself healthy and also assists in stress control.
My biggest tip for keeping up with your exercise routine in University is to do it first thing in the morning, even if you can only squeeze in 15 minutes before you have to run out the door; you’ll feel the difference in your day.
I used to be an afternoon exerciser, but after my workouts, I never felt overly accomplished and found I struggled to push myself to my limits. So I wanted to mix it up and began working out in the morning after breakfast. Well, this didn’t work either, I was full of food and was trying to jump around (rookie mistake). Instead, I set my alarm that little bit earlier and worked out before I did anything else in the morning, between 30-50 minutes depending on how I felt and how busy I was in the day.
This time change in my workout has honestly changed my life completely (sounds dramatic, but keep reading). I have found my digestion is better throughout the day, I feel more awake, I have more energy, and I feel so accomplished in the morning. It is also a great feeling to finish Uni or Work at 5 pm and know I can just come home a relax.
Now, I understand working out in the morning doesn’t suit everyone, even fitness extraordinaire Kayla Itsines has shared her dislike for working out in the morning. You have to do what suits you but I would highly recommend giving this a go! I only have to wake up 30 minutes earlier in the mornings, and that’s a small price to pay to feel good all day.

Favourite Workout Channels:

Popsugar Fitness


Boho Beautiful 

Love Sweat Fitness

Yoga With Adriene 

Gabriella Whited

I combine multiple videos from the above channels to tailor workouts to what I want to focus on each day.

#2- Fuel Your Body Right

Being on the go all the time, it is easy to slip into the constant ‘eating out’ routine. Coming home on the bus and opening Uber Eats to see what’s nearby or skipping breakfast and grabbing a chocolate bar for a quick pick me up en route to a lecture is not a good way to go about your health.
The easiest way to avoid these diet downfalls is to meal prep or snack prep. When I go to Uni, I am a snacker much more than a meal eater. For me, breakfast is the biggest meal I have for the day, and it’s usually either a smoothie bowl or GF oats with Banana and Protein and everything else throughout my day I keep light and sustainable.
I am not much of a meal prepper, but I do prep snacks. I always have cut up capsicum, carrot, cucumber and cooked sweet potato in my fridge with homemade hummus. And I also always homemake GF, DF, RSF protein balls and bars as well as Fruit and Nut mix, so I can keep myself fuelled in-between classes.
However, if I don’t have time to make the sweet treats, I have a few go-to brands I chuck in my bag including:

Tom and Luke Protein Bars

Golden Day Paleo Bars

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars
I also always carry a large water bottle with me around campus with apple cider vinegar, this helps me stay hydrated and helps combat any sweet cravings I might get when I am bored in class (haha).

#3 Find Local Gems

Now, this slightly goes against what I said above about avoiding to eat out, but sometimes it is unavoidable. So my biggest tip for this would be to do your research and find places close to your Uni that provides healthy and yummy snacks and meals. Also, if all your friends want to go to a burger place, just read the menu well and try to opt for the healthiest option. For example, all my friends love Grill’d, so whenever we go I order:
*Veggie Vitality or Zen Hen
*on the Low Carb Super Bun
*and with Sweet Potato Fries (I only order fries if I share or I am particularly hungry)

Now, this is still a treat meal, but it is the healthier option and allows me to stick to my healthy lifestyle, while still being involved in the fun with friends.
Being in my second year now, I have also scoped out places around campus that sell my favourite Coconut Water, Kombucha and Paleo Bars.

#4 Write Down Your Goals

What do you want to achieve with this lifestyle? A more positive life outlook? Increased motivation? Stress relief? Weight loss? Toning up? Whatever it is, write it down! This not only holds you accountable for every positive decision you make towards a better you, but it also helps you visualise your end goal which increases your day to day motivation.
For me, every night before I go to bed I write down my workout plan for the next morning. This both keeps me accountable for my workout, but also allows me to go to bed and wake up motivated, as once it’s on paper, it has to be done. Since commencing this routine in mid-January, I have only missed ONE day, and that was because I woke up with a stiff neck and my doctor recommended I give it a break.

#5 Vitamin It Up

One thing that I think has truly allowed me to properly focus on my health is taking vitamins that help my body seize the day. I am currently taking a Calcium, Mega B, Vitamin C and Horseradish and Evening Primrose to support my health. I have never really been into these approaches, but with feeling the way I do right now, I have no idea why I wasn’t. Now, of course, I am not a healthcare professional, so you should always consult them before adding these supplements to your diet, but I would highly recommend going to them and figuring out what you need. I am calcium deficient, so a Calcium supplement is a must for more. Additionally, I suffer from anxiety and elevated stress levels, so my Mega B supports that and the Evening Primrose helps with my skin and in reducing my serious symptoms of PMS. Finally, the Vitamin C and horseradish is a general wellbeing one that helps with my immune system. When taking vitamins, it’s important to understand what you are taking and why you are taking it.

Despite everything above, you have to do what works for you. It is so important to take care of your health and wellbeing throughout your whole life, but when you have to juggle 100 different things throughout the day, your body needs some help. I hope you at least try one of these tips above and good luck with your studies.

Jess xx


Study Habits!


Hello Everybody! Recently I have had so much work at school, I have hardly had time to do anything but study! It’s has been a crazy last couple of weeks with non-stop study and also, for me, catching up on work I missed whilst I was ill. So in the past weeks I have really focused on my time management. Personally, I am a person who stresses about everything and lives off planners to keep everything under control. Honestly, if I have work to do, I can’t sleep until I make a list and know that I have a scheduled time to do all the work in. So today, I am going to share my time management and study tips with you guys.


 1. Work In A Tidy Environment 

It is very important to keep your work area clean. From personal experience, I know that having a messy desk distracts me from my work because I am to busy staring at the mess in front if me . So make sure before you set down to do your work, you clean the area in which you’ll be working in. Then you can minimise your distractions.


2. Turn Your Phone On Silent

Now, I know most people recommend turning your phone off or putting it on the other side of your room- so it doesn’t distract you during your studies. But honestly that ain’t gonna work for me. And personally, my phone isn’t a huge distraction for me whilst I’m studying. I know I have to study, so I don’t play on it for hours. But to prevent any distractions, I put my phone on silent then turn it face down- so I don’t see any notifications pop up. I often have notes on my phone, so I do need it close for my studies anyway. If this way is going to create to much temptation- then turn your phone off or put it away so it isn’t close by.


 3. Block Out Noise

When I study, what’s going on around me is a huge distraction. I can hear my family outside my bedroom door and there fore, I can’t focus on my work. So to prevent this, I put my headphones in and play my music. Normally my music is pretty loud when I study- but for me this is perfect and helps me focus. If music is too much of a distraction for you, I suggest just putting headphones in your ears. They will block out outer noise, and create a softer environment. You can even play some soft relaxation music, to de-stress whilst studying.


4. Take Breaks

If I don’t take 30 minute- hourly breaks while I’m studying, I loose focus completely. When I start to feel unfocused or tired, I take either a food or rest break. I’ll have a energy snack (I love eating Almonds) or just take a rest on the couch or in bed for 20 minutes. This allows my body to reset and re-energise so I can absorb as much information as possible. 


 5. Pick A Good Time To Study

It is really important to know when your strong times are throughout the day, so you can do your most productive work. Personally, my most productive times are early in the morning (5am-7am) or straight after school (4pm-7pm). Now, I am a huge sleeper inner, and having to wake up early for study, is the worst. But I know I am going to get heaps of work done, so it’s worth it. I find after 8pm at night, I am too tired and have trouble focusing. So all my study is put away and I chill till about 8:30- 9:00 then go to bed.


6. Plan Out All Your Work

I am a huge lover of Planners. I have a Planner that sits on my desk, that I write everything I need to do out on it. This helps with my time management- because I know what I have to get done. And nothing helps stress disappear better then completing a list, ticking everything off and throwing it out. I mainly just write out the things I have to do. But sometimes I will allocate times to do certain things- I do this more when I have more study then usual. Planners are a huge helper when it comes to study. And I highly recommend using them. 


7. Don’t Forget To Sleep

I know when you have a huge work load, sleep can be something that is forgotten about. But it is so important! You have to sleep when studying because it gives your brain time to reset and absorb the information you have just revised. Don’t forget to switch everything off at night and get a good amount of shut eye. 


That’s all for today guys. Hope you all enjoyed these tips that hopefully will help you with your studies.


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