About Jessica Tathem

My forte is in the field of Journalism and Communications, specialising in Public Relations. My commitment to leadership along with learning to build excellent time management skills and a good work ethic has resulted in my possession of a diverse range of client orientated skill sets.

I aim never to cease learning in my job, understanding that the world of communication is evolving. Having to stay in touch with the media world continually is the fast paced and academically developing atmosphere I seek in my job.The multitude of platforms that a reputation can be built on and yet ruined so quickly through is the bustling and revolutionising environment in which I thrive. I objectively aim to develop and utilise my main strengths, allowing me to deliver an impressive standard of work.

Captaining large groups of students, I learned a plethora of skills and values, building a work ethic that assists me in pursuing work in the Journalism and Communications field. Including, time management, professional presentation (both visually and verbally) and commitment to my work.
From my leadership experience, I strive to be a leader in the workplace; either in a physical or intellectual sense. My work ethic has taught me to be fully immersed in my work, so I am not afraid to take on challenges and work under time restrictions.

I have honed my skills in professional writing and speaking through my experience in debating, being an ambassador for various charities and writing for published works at school. I understand how to persuade audiences, construct points of view concisely and present confidently through varying styles and formats. Therefore, I have a thorough understanding of the importance of public image and how a positive one can enhance a company or individuals success.

It’s important to me to have a balance between work and life, meaning remaining engaged with my passions. I have earnest passions for literature and theatre; interests I’ve found that frequently blend. I have been involved in theatre, both working backstage and onstage since 2013.
My involvement in theatre has expanded my expertise in the creative approach to tasks that need consideration in an ‘outside of the box’ mindset. Being forced to approach situations during a show where I am needed to make fast decisions and make them appear seamless to the audience’s eye is a skill I’ve grown experienced at.
Through literature, I aim to expand my knowledge of the world and understanding of globally shared ideologies. This has increased my ability to appeal to large groups of people.

I strive to manage a Public Relations agency, building a personal company with the foundation of strong leadership and direction. I endeavour to represent national and international companies and persons, allowing them to confide in my business, unlocking the key to effective communication between client and company.

My purpose is to deliver an honest and relevant representation of clients while staying flexible in the changing communications world, remaining committed to applying creative approaches to each of my clientele.

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