Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Like…..


Hello Everybody, 

Today I am going to teach you some simple ways to help you wake up easier and get ready in the mornings, with full energy!


Get At Least 7-9 Hours Of Sleep:

Getting enough sleep is super important if you are looking for a way to kick start you day. Make sure you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep a night; depending on your age and your sleeping habits. If you under or over sleep, it will leave you feeling tired and sluggish during the day. Getting enough sleep will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Also, make sure you get into a sleeping routine so your body clock gets used to your sleeping habits and allows you to wake up feeling rested and raring for the day.

Start Your Day With Some Exercise:

Yoga or some light exercise is a fantastic way to get your body ready for the day and kick start your metabolism. A brisk walk or run or even some yoga is a great way to begin your morning. The internet is filled with morning workout routines that will allow you to be prepared for the day and be full of energy. BONUS: Starting you day with exercise will also benefit your health and fitness.

Wash Up:

Simply having a shower or just washing your face in the morning can help you feel refreshed and prepared for the day. It will refresh your body and help you fully wake up from your restful slumber. If you do exercise in the morning, I suggest doing this afterwards.

Drink Tea Or Another Beverage:

Starting you day with a healthy Green Tea (I drink Jasmine Green Tea) or any other tea (even coffee, if you wish..) will help kick start your day. Tea will especially help nourish your body and get your metabolism going; helping your day start in an energetic and ‘ready’ way. Also, tea and coffee with caffeine will give you a little extra wake up call. 

Eat A Filling And Nutritious Breakfast:

Again with the metabolism… Eating a nutritious and filling breakfast with get your metabolism raring and kick start your body into action. Eating fruit, muesli, granola, yogurt or whipping up a quick and healthy smoothie, is a super healthy way to start you day and will help you feel ready and filled until Morning Tea or even Lunch. 

Quick Clean:

This isn’t everyones favourite, but I really think it helps, especially when you get home. Before you leave in the morning, make your bed and open up your curtains. It makes you feel a bit more prepared for the day as the sun is shining into your room and your room will appear to be cleaner, just because your bed it nicely made. Making your bed in the morning and opening your curtains and windows will also make the room nicer to return to in the afternoon, or whenever you get home.


That’s all for today guys! Hope you all enjoyed and learned some ways to help kick start you day.

Talk soon

Jess xx


All advice in this post is my own, and works from my own experience. This GIF is NOT my, all rights go to the owners, NO copyright intended!!

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