Luvocracy Giveaway!


Hello Everybody! Today I am super excited to announce that I have partnered up with Luvocracy this month to do a Giveaway for you guys. If you don’t already know, Luvocracy is a site where you can shop for your favourite things. You can go on peoples collections and buy the stuff you like straight from that- you can even make your own collections so people can see what you love and maybe even buy the stuff. This site can help you organise things you want to buy for yourself- or for gifts. You can share you’re gift ideas with others. This site is super product focused and will help you narrow down what you want to buy or just look at.

On my Luvocracy account, I have created a collection for Spring- with all my must-haves! The items in my collection are
Victoria Secret- Love Spell
Ray-Ban- Clubmasters
Maybelline- Shocking Coral
Fossil- Mint Leather watch
I really tried to stick to the basic Spring essentials for you guys- so there’s not heaps of products on there.

I have made a few collections that you can check out on the link i’ll put below. Anyways time to announce what you’ll be winning!! So when you sign up as a new member to Luvocracy you will be given $10 of credit to spend on whatever you want (as long as the purchase is over $20). And my giveaway will give you an extra $5 credit. You can use this to buy some stuff from my Spring Collection or any others things you would like to pick up.When you sign up through the link to me Luvocracy collection, you will automatically be entered to win!

Giveaway Ends- Monday 24th of March

My Luvocracy Link:

Giveaway rules

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