Hello Everybody!!

I have some very exciting news (well for me anyway) to share with you all today. This is because, as of last Tuesday (25th March) I reached 1,000 views on my Blog. I am so grateful to everybody who reads and hopefully likes my blog. This is a huge and crazy achievement for me because, I started this blog as a hobby and would never have thought I would have so many of you guys read and like it. So I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you all for reading and I am so excited to continue my blogging journey!

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Study Habits!

Hello Everybody! Recently I have had so much work at school, I have hardly had time to do anything but study! It’s has been a crazy last couple of weeks with non-stop study and also, for me, catching up on work I missed whilst I was ill. So in the past weeks I have really focused on my time management. Personally, I am a person who stresses about everything and lives off planners to keep everything under control. Honestly, if I have work to do, I can’t sleep until I make a list and know that I have a scheduled time to do all the work in. So today, I am going to share my time management and study tips with you guys.


 1. Work In A Tidy Environment 

It is very important to keep your work area clean. From personal experience, I know that having a messy desk distracts me from my work because I am to busy staring at the mess in front if me . So make sure before you set down to do your work, you clean the area in which you’ll be working in. Then you can minimise your distractions.


2. Turn Your Phone On Silent

Now, I know most people recommend turning your phone off or putting it on the other side of your room- so it doesn’t distract you during your studies. But honestly that ain’t gonna work for me. And personally, my phone isn’t a huge distraction for me whilst I’m studying. I know I have to study, so I don’t play on it for hours. But to prevent any distractions, I put my phone on silent then turn it face down- so I don’t see any notifications pop up. I often have notes on my phone, so I do need it close for my studies anyway. If this way is going to create to much temptation- then turn your phone off or put it away so it isn’t close by.


 3. Block Out Noise

When I study, what’s going on around me is a huge distraction. I can hear my family outside my bedroom door and there fore, I can’t focus on my work. So to prevent this, I put my headphones in and play my music. Normally my music is pretty loud when I study- but for me this is perfect and helps me focus. If music is too much of a distraction for you, I suggest just putting headphones in your ears. They will block out outer noise, and create a softer environment. You can even play some soft relaxation music, to de-stress whilst studying.


4. Take Breaks

If I don’t take 30 minute- hourly breaks while I’m studying, I loose focus completely. When I start to feel unfocused or tired, I take either a food or rest break. I’ll have a energy snack (I love eating Almonds) or just take a rest on the couch or in bed for 20 minutes. This allows my body to reset and re-energise so I can absorb as much information as possible. 


 5. Pick A Good Time To Study

It is really important to know when your strong times are throughout the day, so you can do your most productive work. Personally, my most productive times are early in the morning (5am-7am) or straight after school (4pm-7pm). Now, I am a huge sleeper inner, and having to wake up early for study, is the worst. But I know I am going to get heaps of work done, so it’s worth it. I find after 8pm at night, I am too tired and have trouble focusing. So all my study is put away and I chill till about 8:30- 9:00 then go to bed.


6. Plan Out All Your Work

I am a huge lover of Planners. I have a Planner that sits on my desk, that I write everything I need to do out on it. This helps with my time management- because I know what I have to get done. And nothing helps stress disappear better then completing a list, ticking everything off and throwing it out. I mainly just write out the things I have to do. But sometimes I will allocate times to do certain things- I do this more when I have more study then usual. Planners are a huge helper when it comes to study. And I highly recommend using them. 


7. Don’t Forget To Sleep

I know when you have a huge work load, sleep can be something that is forgotten about. But it is so important! You have to sleep when studying because it gives your brain time to reset and absorb the information you have just revised. Don’t forget to switch everything off at night and get a good amount of shut eye. 


That’s all for today guys. Hope you all enjoyed these tips that hopefully will help you with your studies.


Talk Soon


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Luvocracy Giveaway!

Hello Everybody! Today I am super excited to announce that I have partnered up with Luvocracy this month to do a Giveaway for you guys. If you don’t already know, Luvocracy is a site where you can shop for your favourite things. You can go on peoples collections and buy the stuff you like straight from that- you can even make your own collections so people can see what you love and maybe even buy the stuff. This site can help you organise things you want to buy for yourself- or for gifts. You can share you’re gift ideas with others. This site is super product focused and will help you narrow down what you want to buy or just look at.

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Relaxation Station

Hello Everybody.

I am so sorry I haven’t posted in so long! I not only have been super busy with school, but I have been sick as well. So my life has just been sleeping and doing work for the past few weeks. Recently I have been getting super stressed with all of my school work. So I have been trying to make time to relax and take my mind of everything. Today I am going to share my Relaxation Station Playlist! Enjoy!!

Let It Go- Alex Boyè

The Argument- Aiden Hawken

Made Of Stone- Matt Corby

Brave-Sara Bareilles

Feel Real-Deptford Goth

Let It Be- Glee

Start Of Time- Gabrielle Aplin

All Of Me- Johnny Legend

Rather Be- Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne

Like A Drum- Guy Sebastian

Hope you guys enjoyed todays post and hopefully enjoy listening to these songs! Talk to you guys super soon !!

Jess xx


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