What If I Can Do It?


I have recently found a lot of people are negative when it comes to what they can achieve in life. Now I will agree that todays society doesn’t make it easy to achieve your absolute main goals in life; but does that mean we should give up all together? On all our dreams and hopes? A fair amount of people I know always say “ Oh I’ll never be able to become that”, “That’s too hard”, “People are better than me at my dream profession”, “Someone else will get it, I might as well not even try” and it is so ridiculous. When did the world become a place where people basically gave up their career because It’s too hard?! For example, when people call ONCE to ask for a job and the manger says “No, there are no positions available at this time” and they go “Oh okay, well thats done then, I can’t get a job”. Like that’s great they called and semi-tried, but why don’t they call again (after a few weeks) and see if anything has come up? The person who calls three times is going to stand out a lot more then the person who called once and might even get a job just on their pure determination to work at the certain job. If you put OOMF in everything you do, you’re going to get to amazing places. Believing in yourself and trying again and again for something that you want is determination at its finest and should occur more in everyones day to day life. Now, I, Myself have self-doubted many many times in my life but I have now realised you can’t live your life like that. 

Anxiety In Striving:

Now maybe some of you reading this have suffered with something more intense that causes self-doubt, like anxiety. I 100% understand what it is like to suffer with such things. And I know when anxiety is part of your life, leaving the house can be a chore and the thought of going and working around other people and trying to strive to fulfil you life dream is your worst nightmare- I get it. But I think the best thing to do is literally sit yourself down and make a choice; Do you want to live the rest of your life in this funk of not trying for anything? OR, Change your mind set and move out of your comfort zone and start trying for something you really want? I think making that choice and taking a chance to strive will be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

All I want to say is that I think it is important to really try in life. So many people nowadays give up after one knock… and that’s really bad. People have to have the determination to continue trying so they can strive!

Hope you all enjoyed todays post. I really enjoy doing deeper and more meaningful posts for you guys. I think it is a great outlet, to write about what I feel.

Talks Soon Guys

xx Jess

Twitter: @JessicaTathem


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