Liebster Award Tag!


Hey Guys!

Recently I was tagged by Simytoe to do the Liebster Award Tag! So basically Simytoe wrote 11 questions that I have to answer, then I write another 11 and tag some other blogs. I am super excited to do this Tag! Thankyou so much (again) to Simytoe for tagging me! And make sure you go check out her fantastic blog!!


Rules: You must link the persons blog who nominated you for the award. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you. Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with UNDER 200 blog followers. You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you. You must inform the nominees they have been nominated.


Simytoe Questions!

1.What’s one thing that’s coming up within the next few weeks that you’re really excited about?

Seeing all of my friends again after being on holiday, away from them for almost 8 weeks!! I am super excited to be able to chat to them in person again!

 2. What’s the last book that you read and what did you think of it?

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. OMG don’t even, the emotions in the book were crazy. But I absolutely adored the book and can’t wait for the movie to come out!

3. Favourite time of the day?

It’s either really early in the morning before any of my family wakes up ( like 4-5am) or at night around 8-9pm, because that is like my relaxing time after a day at school. And both these times are when I can chill and re group my emotions.

4. What’s the most money you’ve ever spent on a beauty/makeup/skincare product?

Err.. I actually don’t know! I’m like a drugstore product loving Queen! But I think it would probably be “Silk Oil Of Morocco Hair and Skin Treatment”. Now I will admit my Mum brought this for me, but it is the most expensive beauty/makeup/skincare products I own. But I do swear by it if you have frizzy hair! I think it is good if you invest in something that really works!

5. Name three positive words that you think describe you.

Happy, Crazy (in a good way), Supportive.

6. Which do you prefer: reading magazines or watching tv?

Magazines because that is where I get most of my fashion inspiration. TV is just a pass time when i’m bored or need to catch up on my Teen Wolf or PLL!

7. What do you find is the most challenging thing about blogging?

Definitely (when I am in school), keeping up posts. With Homework, Exams and Assignments plus after school commitments. I sometimes find it hard to find time to sit down and type for an hour or so. 

8. If someone were to give you a $1000 gift card to any store, which store would you want it to be?

Probably Mecca Maxima or Topshop. Because I love those stores to death, but sometimes their stuff is a bit expensive, so I would use the gift card for my purchases. 

9. Name five people who inspired you a lot in 2013.

Umm.. thats a hard one, let me think…

Fashion Inspo: Kylie Jenner

Life Inspo: Zoella on Youtube (Check out her Panic Attacks video if you or a person you know suffers)

Makeup Inspiration: Lauren Conrad

And I’m gonna cheat and take the last two and give them to my friends. All my friends have been massive inspirations to me during last year. And have inspired me to get through the bad times to get to the good times.

10. What’s your favourite thing about winter?

Jumpers, Gloves, Beanies, Scarves, Blankets, My Bed, Hot Chocolate, Soup, Coats, Hot Baths and Showers. Shall I go on?…

11. What’s the best piece of beauty advice that you’ve ever gotten?

Definitely “More Is Less” with makeup application. When you cake makeup on it is honestlyvery noticeable and doesn’t look real. I think Less makeup really makes your face look much better and brings out your natural beauty and shows off your natural features. Where as pilling on a truck load of cakey makeup covers everything that should be shown and noticed.


So that is all Simytoe’s questions answered, now for my nominees! I am going to tag





I know this is only three, but I hardly follow any blogs! Gonna have to go and track some good ones down haha! 


Questions for my Nominees

1. What is your favourite Makeup item?

2. Why did you start blogging?

3. If you could take TWO things to a deserted island. What would they be and why?

4. Who is your biggest life inspiration?

5. Name one of your 2014 New Years Resolutions. 

6. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life. What would it be and why?

7. Whats your favourite Social Network and Why?

8. Favourite Movie of all time?

9. In your opinion, who is the most influential Social Networker?

10. Favourite piece of life advice ever given to you?

11. What are two of your Pet Peeves? 


Hope you all enjoyed this post, for the Liebster Award Tag! Thank you to Simytoe, for tagging me and making this post happen.

Talk Soon!



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