Fashion Inspirations!


Hey Guys!

Today I am going to show you who my Fashion Inspirations are. This post will consist of pictures (which are obviously not mine) of my fashion inspirations and a brief explanation of the outfits. I am also going to include some amazing fashion blogs you should check out. Hope you all enjoy and maybe even get some inspiration of your own! P.S. Hope you all like my new theme, I think it is really cute and fresh!


Kylie Jenner- Black and White is such an amazing combo at the moment!


Lauren Conrad- Effortless chic for laid-back days.


Kendall Jenner- Plaid is a must in anyones closet and is a very versatile piece.


Model- Ripped Jeans and Oversized Jumpers are a popular chose in Winter Time and look amazing together.


Kourtney Kardashian- Jumpsuits are such a easy outfit; but look super dressy. Pairing them with a cute belt and heels can make a super cute outfit.


Kendall Jenner- Beanies and Oversized Tanks are the perfect combo for lazy days.


Cara Delevingne- Denim Shorts and a White Tee is the perfect Summer outfit. Pairing that with a beanie, oversized sunnies and a backpack; you are set for Summer!


Kylie Jenner- Semi-dressy outfits are perfectly created with a cute Skater Skirt and a Crop Top , also some awesome Black Pumps.


 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley- A White Shirt and some printed Shorts are perfect for summer time and also Festivals :). 


Perrie Edwards- High-Waisted Jeans, Crop Top and a Light Jumper are a stylish combo for those chilly days. 


Kendall Jenner- Nerd Glasses and a Oversized Denim Jacket are such cute additions to a sparkly ensemble.


 Jennifer Lawrence- Pairing a Singlet with a Pleated Maxi Skirt is the perfect summers day outfit. 


Jennifer Lawrence- Pairing a Leather Jacket with a Jumpsuit can really spice up your outfit. Add a cute bag and a Bowler Hat and you have the perfect casual but dressy outfit. Don’t forget the sunnies and sandals though :).


Model- Pairing a Denim Jacket with a White Dress can create a more casual outfit. (Great for festivals or days out in the City).


Cara Delevingne- High-Waisted shorts with a White Jumper and cute headband is an amazing and preppy/adorable outfit. 


Selena Gomez- A perfect casual Boho outfit is made of a Oversized Tank Top, Leggings, Sandals and of course round Sunglasses and a Headband. Perfect outfit for shopping or travelling. 


Alexa Chung- The perfect casual outfit for days where you are running around. Super comfy with Jeans, Oversized Tee, Wide-Brimmed hat and comfy beach heels ( you can always change those to sandals though:)).


Miranda Kerr- Perfect for going out to Lunch with friends. A Black Skirt and White Shirt paired with a Denim Jacket, Oversized Bag and Hat creates are perfect dressy yet comfy and stylish outfit.



Fashion Blogs!

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Lauren Conrad-

Hope you all enjoyed todays post. I love all of the girls above styles and highly respect them for their fashion! I hope some of you got some inspiration from this post :). Have a great week!

Love Jess xx

These photos are NOT mine. All rights go to photographers. However all opinions are my own. Not a sponsored blog post.


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