Bedroom Christmas Decorating


Hey Everyone,


Recently I got a little excited for Christmas and totally decked out my room for the Festive Season. So today I thought I would show you guys how I decorated my room!


Firstly, I put this cute little silver Christmas Tree on my bedside table and decorated it with simple and small decorations. I found these cute little present decorations-so I just hung them around the tree evenly. I also found this mini-angel from a Christmas Container I own- so I graced the top of the tree with it.


Secondly, I put some fairy lights up. I wrapped one red set around the rail of my curtains. Having them near the curtains creates the nicest atmosphere. I also hung some sets around my bookshelf. I think the lights make my room look really really beautiful and also it makes my room all cosy and pretty at night.



I also hung up some cute stockings around the room- they have bears on them! I hung one from another set of shelves I have in my room; off the corner. I hung the other one off some tinsel I had wrapped around a canvas in my room. I think having stockings in your room perfectly adds to the Christmas atmosphere.



To add even more to the Christmas Theme, I got some battery powered sparkly candles and a Crackling Fire and Cinnamon Spice Diffuser from Air Wick. These candles came in a pack of six for $6 from Crazy Clarks (or some cheap shop) however they are good quality. The already come with batteries, all you have to do is turn them on. I think these are absolutely perfect for the Christmas Season and also they are really safe because they are battery powered- not fire. Okay guys, this diffuser is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It literally makes my room smell like Christmas! Like it Christmas had a distinctive smell- this is what it would be. It fills the whole room with the amazing smell of Crackling Fire and Cinnamon Spice and I love it. I just keep it on my desk and it fills my room with the most amazing scent. I highly recommend this product!



On top of everything, I have randomly placed some other Christmasy things around my room. I stuck this santa hat to my bathroom door because it looked boring without any decoration. I think this looks so cute! I also have placed this Santa statue on top of my selves for extra detail.



Hope you guys enjoyed this Bedroom Christmas Decorating post!

 Happy Decorating!






This is NOT a sponsored blog post

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