How To: Make Gingerbread!


As we all know, the Holiday Season is quickly approaching, so I thought I would do some festive cooking tutorials for you guys! Today I am making Gingerbread!  I am thinking of doing a Christmas Series with cooking and decorating (let me know if you would like that). Before I get started, a quick shoutout to “Just Me Blog” because this is where I found this delicious recipe. Lets Begin!


How To: Make Gingerbread! 



½ Cup- Brown Sugar

130g- Butter

1- Egg Yolk

½ Cup- Golden Syrup

3 Cups- Plain or Self-Raising (I used SR flour)

1 tsp- Bicarb Soda (this is hidden at the back in the photo below)

1 and ½  Tbsp- Ground Ginger (you can add more)

½ Tbsp- All Spice

1 Tbsp-Cinnamon



Hand Mixer

Baking Tray with Baking Paper


Measuring Cups

Rolling Pin

Cookie Cutters




Put Brown Sugar and Butter in bowl and cream

Add in Egg Yolk into creamed Sugar and Butter mix, and combine


Add and mix in Golden Syrup to mixture


SIFT in flour 


Add Bicarb, Allspice, Ginger and Cinnamon and combine all ingredients




Remove from bowl and knead mixture into a ball (I kneaded it on a pre-floured board)


Wrap Gingerbread mixture in cling wrap


Leave for AT LEAST 1 Hour in the fridge (can be made 2 days in advance)


Pre-Heat oven to 150 degrees (celsius) 

Remove from fridge and sprinkle flour over a clean surface


Roll out dough to your preferred thickness (½ cm- 1cm)

Cut shapes in mixture and place on Baking Paper on the Baking Tray

Leave at least 1/2cm between cookies (for spreading reasons)


Place in oven for 10-25mins- until golden brown

 Remove from oven and TA DA!! You have made your own Gingerbread! You can decorate them if you wish- but I prefer them plain! These Gingerbreads are so light and delicious- They are sure to be a hit this Christmas!


This Christmas I am going to try something new because I would love to see what you guys are doing and creating. If you have Instagram or Twitter and you find something on my blog that you like and recreate or just have some cool Christmas ideas you want to share,  post it and Hashtag #Christmaswithjessamy and I’ll look through your guys’s posts!


 Hope you all enjoyed this

Talk Soon xx


 Just Me Blog-


3 thoughts on “How To: Make Gingerbread!

  1. loving it jess! ( this is not jess its her friend, the one who gave her the fault in our stars) iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am solo cool and really awesome, better that jess. i am her idol

  2. I’ve never made ginger bread, however, I love making new recipes. This might have to be a holiday experiment! Thanks.

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