Hey Everyone,

Recently, I have done a cheeky bit of shopping. I have brought clothes as well as some accessories and bath items. So today I thought I would do a HAUL for your guys. Now just to put this out there- I am in no way trying to show off about what I have purchased. I just want to show you guys what I like to buy and wear.


Firstly, I picked up two new pairs of sunglasses. The first pairs style I believe is called “Clubmaster”. They are just plain black but are rimmed down the bottom with silver. Personally I find the style “Wayfarers” don’t really suit me, but I think these do due to the thinner piece in the middle. I honestly don’t know why the piece in the middle makes such a difference; but it does- for myself anyway. I got these ones from “Cotton On” for $10.00. The second pair I got are a round lensed pair. I have been looking for a pair like this for quite a while now so when I saw these, I loved them. They have the tortoise shell look on the temple of the glasses, so they are very versatile. I got these from a store called Mascotte at my local shopping centre, on sale from $30.00 to $10.00.


Secondly, I got this cream handbag from the same shop as the sunglasses- Mascotte. I really like this bag because it was very classic, and will be a staple in my wardrobe. I would say this style of bag is one of the most common. It has the short handles and the round (barrel) shape of the bag. I think due to the colour and shape it could be worn with a casual outfit (Blouse and Shorts) or even like a nice dress at night time. This bag was down from $100.00 to $40.00. 


Okay guys, this next item has a story behind it. So about 4 weeks ago I went shopping with my mum and tried on this playsuit with a few others from Glassons; at the time it was $50. So anyway I didn’t up end up buying it because instead I got a denim one. Then a few days after going out shopping I went on the Glassons website and saw it was then reduced to $30- and I didn’t really think much of it at the time. Anyways last Thursday, I went back to the same Glassons, and found the same Playsuit I had tried on 4 weeks earlier (same size and everything) at the reduced price. So I was so excited and loved it so much I just HAD to buy it. I think this is really a versatile Playsuit because of the dark navy almost black colour and the loose style- which could be worn in the Summer with a crop tee or in the Winter with High Socks and a jumper. 


On Friday, I went to Sportsgirl and got this top that I had had my eye on for a while. I think it is so cute. It is a simple crop top with Daisies printed on it. Now if you know one thing about me; it is that my all time favourite flowers are Daisies- I call them happy flowers. Anyways, this top looks really nice with skater skirts (I wear it with my Denim skater skirt and yellow one) or Playsuits (I wear it with my Denim one and my new Navy one). You could also wear this shirt with shorts or even with a maxi-skirt. This shirt was $34.99- which I didn’t think was too bad for the quality and that I loved it so much. 


Another top I got from Sportsgirl is another crop- but it is long sleeved. It has simple navy and white stripes all over the shirt. I have been looking for a top like this for a while and when I got it on sale from $34.99 to $13.00- I was pretty happy. This top really goes with anything- shorts, skirts, playsuits etc. I like this top also because it is a longer crop- so it is more versatile. 


I also got this simple black bow midi-ring from Colette. I love midi-rings at the moment and I also love bows so this was the perfect combination. This ring was $3.95 and will go with everything- so I am excited to wear it. 


Lastly, I picked up two things from Lush. I got their Limited Edition Snow Fairy Body Wash ($9.95) and their Father Christmas Bath Ballistic ($6.50). They both smell so amazing- like Christmas. Snow Fairy is extremely sweet and sugary where as the Bath Ballistic has more of a zingy and fruity scent- and it makes your bath water green!!!! I love Lush and these products and am planning to go and get more Bath Ballistics this weekend (hopefully). I am going to do a full review on all my Lush Christmas items in the coming weeks- which will involve more in depth explanations. 



That concludes my haul today- hope you all enjoyed me posting about my recent shopping!


Talk soon 



This is NOT a sponsored blog post. 


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