Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to do a post on blemishes, acne and pimples. This post will cover what I use day to day to reduce the amount of blemishes I get and what I put on when I get bad blemishes. 


Firstly, I find washing my face daily is VERY important. To wash off the dirt from the day and clean out my pores. I wash my face with “Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash” from The Body Shop. I love this product because, it has seaweed in it so it calms the skin and reduce redness. Also it cleans my face and takes away the bad stuff and leaves the good. I wash my face once a day but sometimes twice. I find if I over wash my face it will get worse because I am washing off the good oils. I pay $18.95 for this product in Australia but I know it is cheaper in America and Canada because I got some while I was over there.


Secondly, I moisturise my skin with “Anti-Aging Rosehip Oil” from Om She or “Argan Face Oil” from Swisse. Both of these products help my skin in the reduction of redness of my skin. When my mum showed these products to me I was sceptical because they were oil. And I thought, well putting oil on my face will make it worse, but I was very wrong. These oils are GOOD oils and will help your skin, and if you have oily skin it will reduce the oils that form in your skin. This is because you are giving your skin the moisture it needs- so it doesn’t have to produce its own.


 When I get particularly bad blemishes I will put Skin Friendly Antiseptic or Tea Tree on it. This will directly hit the pimple, dry it out, and it will eventually reduce. However don’t do this all the time as you will find it will dry out your skin and make it very flaky. 

 Some ways that aren’t directly related to the skin to help reduce blemishes are….

 -Wash your bed sheets and pillow regularly.

You wouldn’t believe how much bacteria is held within your bed. And putting your face on it every night won’t help your skin at all. So I suggest washing your sheets very regularly and also washing the pillow itself to clean out all the bacteria. 

 -Clean your phone screen

Your phone screen goes through a lot in a day from being in a bag to a pocket to on a table and then against your head. So it is obvious how many germs the screen can carry. So I suggest cleaning your phone screen just with a wipe regularly so you can keep it clean and not risk (when putting it against your head) causing blocked pores.

 -Exercise and Eat Clean and Drink Water

Living a healthy lifestyle will help your skin so much. Eating healthy and drinking lots of water will clean out your body thus clean your skin. It will flush out the bad things from your body and give you good = pimple reduction :). Also sweat actually helps the skin so exercising is a big plus!!

 I think the most important thing to remember with acne and blemishes though, it that everyones skin is different. One of my best friends uses “Proactiv” because she finds natural products don’t work for her- and thats fine. Just because the natural and low chemical products work for my skin doesn’t mean it will work for everyones in the world. You just have to try different products and see what works for you and your skin type. 

I hope this post has helped some of you guys out there 🙂




This is NOT a sponsored blog post

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