Hello again everyone!


So, I am going to talk about my newest fashion obsession. And that is…… Dungarees/ Playsuits/Jumpsuits. I have a spotty cotton pair of these and also a denim pair and I absolutely wear them everywhere. They are super comfy and easy to create into a casual or formal outfits for summer or winter. 


Personally I wear mine with either a crop tee, singlet or an ordinary T-shirt. They are so versatile. I normally pair mine with my low top- off coloured white converse. But you can pair them with sandals, boots or even heels- for a dressier occasion. You can even pair them with tights or knee high socks for the winter and put a jumper underneath.


The only issue I have with them is that I have trouble finding perfect pairs. This is because, I am quite tall and many brands make them for short girls- so I have to get bigger sizes- which makes them baggy. However I have found recently many shops are making them more to suit taller women. 


I highly recommend in investing in a pair of Dungarees. I wear my denim ones  more then my spotty ones just because they go with with more things- but it’s your choice. I love them and will be buying more very soon.


Talk soon




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