Catch Up


Hello Everyone!


Wow- what an absolutely hectic term it has been so far. I have been so busy with study, exams, and assignments that I haven’t updated in ages! It has truly been a crazy past month. So let me tell you what’s been happening. 


Firstly, I went back to school (YAY!) it was so great to see all my friends again. But the downer about school is all the assessment. I have been studying hard because this week is ridiculously hectic. I mostly have three exams a day! So I have been super stressed out- but it is still manageable. 


Secondly, I went to the One Direction concert, OMG! They were absolutely amazing and 5 Seconds Of Summer were their opening act- and I love them, so it was great to see them as well. I also went to the Beyoncè concert which was perfection! Beyoncè is such an amazing performer and she is absolutely gorgeous!


And between all of this I have been catching up with friends and also reading “The Fault In Our Stars” and can I just say, I love this book, it is so amazing and John Green is an excellent writer. If you know one thing about me, it is that I highly dislike reading novels- and I don’t know why. I loved reading when I was younger, but I don’t like it that much now. So this is a really good book if it has kept me reading it. And thank you to the amazing girl who lent me the book (you know who you are xx)I massively appreciate it.


So how have your past couple of months been? Hope you guys liked this catch up! Later, I will be posting about my new fashion obsession!


Talk super soon!!




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