Glasshouse Tahaa Candle- Review


Hey everyone, hope you are all well!

Recently I picked up Tahaa- which is a candle from the brand Glasshouse. I had been thinking of buying this candle for a while now, and finally got it during this week. I picked it up from Peter Alexander, however it is sold at most department stores and also online. 


This candle is definitely my favourite at the moment. It’s a triple scented candle meaning each layer of the candle is a different scent.  The first layer is Pineapple, the second layer is Coconut Fruity and the bottom layer is Vanilla and Caramel. The scent is very versatile as it is an all year round scent.  Personally, I find this scent very calming, and find it beneficial if I just smell it before bed. 


This candle is on the pricer side at $18.95 for the 60g and $39.90 for the 350g, however I definitely think it is worth the splurge, as it is an indulgent scent.


Even though Tahaa is definitely my favourite, Glasshouse do other amazing candles and bath and body items. Some of my other favs are..

  • Montego Bay (Coconut and Lime)
  • Marseille (Gardenia)
  • Amalfi Coast (Sea Mist)
  • Chicago (Fudge Brownie)
  • Manhattan (Little Black Dress)

All Glasshouse Candles have very high quality scents (they aren’t tacky at all) and are very strong.


I definitely recommend checking out Glasshouse Candles- because I think they are some of the best candles.


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This is not a sponsored blog post. All opinions are mine own.

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