Nicki Minaj Perfume- Pink Friday Review


Hey everyone,


Recently, I was given Nicki Minajs’ Perfume- Pink Friday as a birthday present, and I love it. So today I thought I would review it.



Firstly, we have to discuss the packaging. The bottle and box are all over the top and extravagant- just like Nicki. I love the bottle so much. The bottle is of her face and upper half of her body, I think it is so fun and different. I think Nicki has really tried to be different from other celebrity perfumes and she has definitely succeeded. This bottle is always the first one I see on my shelf- so it’s my most common choice at the moment.


The smell of this perfume is fruity and sweet. Its a great summer/ spring scent. Personally I would not wear this in winter- because in winter I wear more warm scented perfumes. I absolutely adore the smell!! I do warn though, it is a very strong smell. So, it only requires a small spray. I think this is very much a day time perfume however it could easily be worn on a warm summers night. I recommend this for anyone who loves wearing super fruity perfume and loves strong perfume. If you are sensitive to strong smells, I would not recommend this for you. However you can always test out a sample. 


The quality of this product is amazing. The packaging is strong and durable (I have to admit I have dropped the bottle already, and nothing broke YAY!) also the smell is not tacky or cheap at all.


I recommend this scent to 14-25 years olds- as I think it is quite a young scent- however you can decide for yourself.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post, cause I had heaps of fun writing about my latest obsession.


Talk soon




This is NOT a sponsored blog post. All opinions are my own.

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