My July Favourites!


Hello everyone,

I am soooo sorry I haven’t posted for so long. The day after I got back from my holiday, I went straight back to school. So I will do a post in the upcoming weeks on my holiday- where I visited Canada, Alaska and LA. 

I will be trying to post as much as possible now, but school is absolutely crazy at the moment and its hard to keep up all the time.

So anyways, today I am going to do, My July Favourites. As it is the beginning of August now (my birthdays coming up :), I thought I might take on the monthly job of telling you guys my favourites for the month.

I am super excited to share this stuff with you guy :), lets get started. BTW- I don’t know why there aren’t any photos showing up in this post, its not working for some reason.I’ll try to get this issue fixed soon.


Firstly would be this face wash, “Body Shop- Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash.” I have used this since Easter time and love it so much. It helps so much with acne. Because it has seaweed in it, it calms the skin and helps the skin reduce redness so the severity of pimples can calm. I love this cleaners so much. When I have breakouts, one use of this will reduce it dramatically. I can’t promise these results for everyone, however my friend and myself both use this product and both love it. 

Another favourite of mine are these Icing brushes I picked up on Vancouver Island in Canada. I had heard of this shop on the Youtube atmosphere and when I saw it, I had to look inside. What I loved about these brushes was the quality and the price. They are Kabuki brushes which are my favourite kind but also they were so cheap. I can’t remember the prices exactly, but they were both under $10. I think the Bronzer Brush was $8.50 and the Contour Brush was $7.50- which is amazing. Another bonus was I got the Contour Brush 50% off so, I was thrilled.


OMG!!! I am so in love with this product! It is the “Smiths Rosebud Lip Salve.” I got one of these in the Sephora in Vancouver but had to get another one in Downtown Disney’s Sephora in LA- I also got some for my friends too. If you have cracked lips, this will fix it so quickly, due to being in cold weather in Alaska, I would get really cracked lips, so I applied some of this before I went bed then, when I woke up in the morning my lips would be fully smooth and soft. This was $6, which is a small price to pay for such an amazing product- seeing that is costs $14 in Australia.


This moisturiser is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I really only use it for my hands but you can use it as full body if you want. It is “MOR Marshmallow Hand and Body Milk.” This stuff is my baby, I love it so much. It smells like a marshmallow farm; I die. I can not tell you how amazing this stuff is. It has a creamy and very distinctive smell. When I wear this I don’t need perfume and my mum can pick the smell up instantly. If you like strong smells I highly recommend you get this. I am not sure on pricing because my friend got this for me…. sorry 🙂



Food Favourites- in no order for rating.


1. Vogel’s Golden Baked Cluster Crunch- Love this with yoghurt for Breakfast.

2. Almonds- unsalted

3. Teddy Bear Biscuits




Now onto my Song Favourites- in no order for rating.


1. Best Song Ever- One Direction

2. Like A Champion- Selena Gomez

3. On Top Of The World- Imagine Dragons


Talk soon xx





All opinions are my own- this is NOT a sponsored blog post.

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