My Top 5… At The Moment

Today I thought I would do a cheeky little post on, My Top 5 At The Moment. Which will be a list of my favourite things right now.

Songs :

1. Don’t Stay Low- The Good Mad

2. Take A Walk- Passion Pit

3. Come and Get It- Selena Gomez

4. State Of Grace- Taylor Swift

5. Here Standing- The Saturdays


1. The Lying Game

2. Pretty Little Liars

3. Revenge

4. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

5. Modern Family


1. Lauren Conrad

2. Blogilates

3. Move, Nourish, Believe

4. Eat, Drink, Chic

5. Ring My Bell

Style Icons:

1. Lauren Conrad

2. Perrie Edwards

3. Selena Gomez

4. Taylor Swift

5. Vanessa Hudgens (been loving the Hippy look recently)

Hollywood Stars:

1.Alexandra Chando (The Lying Game)

2.Audrey Hepburn

3.Jennifer Lawrence

4.Marilyn Monroe

5.Ashley Benson (not gonna lie, think she is hilarious in Pretty Little Liars)


1. Macbarbie07

2. Zoella

3. DailyGrace

4. Tanya Burr

5. Sprinkle Of Glitter

(There are actually literally 20 more youtubers I love BTW)


1. Little Mix

2. One Direction

3. Allie Gonino- The Good Mad (Check them out)

4. The Saturdays

5. Taylor Swift

Just to let you all know, I am going to be doing quick and random little posts in the next week and a half , so I have posted heaps before I go away on holiday. Leave comments what your Top 5 are- I would love to read them.




My Carry-On Essentials

Hello Everyone, Hope you are all well!


Today I thought I would tell you briefly of my “Carry-On Essentials” as I am going on an overseas trip in the coming 2 weeks. I am super excited but want to be organized, so I am already beginning to pack. I am visiting cold and hot places on my trip, so it is super important that I am organized.


So I thought showing you my entire suitcase would be too much at the moment and also I haven’t finished packing yet (leave comments if you do want to see it though), I would talk about my carry-on bag and what I am taking on board. 


Firstly I HAVE to have, face wipes. The reason for this is because on planes (even though it is dry) my skin can produce oil, which annoys me to the nth degree, so I like to refresh my skin. I love using facial wipes because they refresh my skin and clean it to help with blemishes.


I also have to have a face and hand/body moisturizer. Cabins on planes are pressurized so they dry out your skin out literally so quickly. So I keep my moisturizer handy so I can pop some on at any time.


I also take my iPad and iPod on the flight with me. These keep me entertained when I run out of movies to watch on the planes TV and also I can jam out to music during the flight (yes, I will be singing whilst I am on the plane-no judging).My music is a must-have for me on this trip because my flight is 14 hours long :0!!!!


Another essential for my carry-on is pen and paper. If I get bored I like to doodle or just write some thoughts; this is a great way to make time fly (Literally HAHA!!!!)


Finally in my bag I always take an oversized jumper, because I always get cold on planes, so I like to snuggle up when I get cold.



I know this is only small, but I can’t take a huge amount on board so I try to pack light. Also please be aware as of next Thursday I will not be posting for 3ish weeks due to being away; I won’t get much internet time. 


But expect heaps of holiday pics and thoughts.


Hope you have a great week.